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Glass Cosmetic & Makeup Containers

Borosilicate 3.3 Glass Category

In 2006, we developed a "micro float" process for producing borosilicate glass sheet. Over the years we have made steady improvements in glass warping,waviness, and opticalquality.
We are China's leading manufacturer of borosilicate 3.3 clear and colored glass tubes and rods thanks to years of experience and outstanding output capabilities.
Our highly skilled glassworkers along with our experienced engineers have designed these precision bored glass and quartz tubing to the specifications suitable.
In HonHai's Pyrex glassblowing division, our employees produce our excellent scientific laboratory glassware and heat resistant glass products.
In our glassblowing division, our highly skilled workers manufacture high quality glass products for all sorts of different daily use applications.
We employ over 80 highly skilled workers and automated equipment to manufacture high quality and durable baking dishes and other household glassware.

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Glass Ceramic

Our glass ceramic products are transparent, with a slight yellow tint. These outstanding pieces of glass ceramic are extremely heat resistant, sturdy and demonstrate extremely low thermal expansion

Pharmaceutical Glass Package

HonHai Group is a leading partner of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in China. We believe that we can help contribute to the wellbeing of people with our specialty glass products.

Lamp Lighting Glass

In our soda lime glass tube and rod production division, we produce soda lime silica glass ( Schott calls AR-Glas AR Glass) in a wide variety of outer diameters, thicknesses and lengths.
Lead free glass tube has become increasingly popular in recent times among lighting manufactures due to its environmental friendly production and design.
Sodium free glass with a high lead content for the encapsulation of semiconductor components at low temperatures as diodes, electronics components (micro diodes).
Our colored neon glass tubing is produced using a quartz crucible to draw uncoated neon glass tubes with a wide range of colors. These tubes are used in the production of neon signs.
Here you will see our specialized glass tubing products. Some of these glass products include tubing for exhaust, glass beads, lighting stems, luminary core columns.
Our glass lamp/lantern/lighting covers are made using borosilicate 3.3 glass which will improve light transmittance and efficiency.
They are perfect for ceramic or quartz metal halide lamps, low and high pressure sodium lamps, mercury vapor lamps and many other types of lighting.

Glass Kitchenware & Tableware

We operate two production divisions for glass kitchenware and tableware with one manufacturing heat resistant borosilicate glass consumer products.

Glass Cosmetic & Makeup Containers

They are a perfect combination of durability and beauty just like their contents. Our heavy wall glass jars are great for cosmetic type products from creams, perfumes, lip balms and more.