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Glass made of crystal passions!

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Glass is a material that is found nearly everywhere and there are many types of glass. Shandong HonHai Industrial Group is a leading expert in the design and production of glass products. We are a dynamic company that can use glass to produce everything from borosilicate glass , glass ceramic, pharmaceutical glass packaging to lamp lighting glass and daily consumer glassware. In addition to our outstanding production expertise, we are also at the forefront of innovation within the glass industry, consistently researching new products and processes regarding glass materials.

ShanDong HonHai Industrial Group Company Limited

Add: Room 331, ShengKai Fortune Plaza, No. 29 LuoYuan Street,

Jinan City, Shandong Province

Postcode: 250012

Tel: +86-531-86906693

Mobile: +86-13335125259

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