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ShanDong HonHai Industrial Group Company Limited

Add: Room 331, ShengKai Fortune Plaza, No. 29 LuoYuan Street,

Jinan City, Shandong Province

Postcode: 250012

Tel: +86-531-86906693

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In 1994 we established operation and started manufacturing borosilicate 3.3 colored and clear glass tubing, rods and related glassblowing products. Through the years we have evolved into a major manufacturer with an annual glass tube output of over 150,000 metric tons and with excellent precision.

We also redraw (secondary processing on tubing) high precision bore glass and quartz tube for optoelectronics, fiber optics telecommunication, medical and other special applications.

Additionally, we make scientific laboratory glassware, heat resistant glass tea and coffee sets, glass baby bottles, glass bong water pipes, lamp shells and other glassblowing products.



Since 1996, we have been manufacturing glass packaging products for the pharmaceutical industry. This includes neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tube USP TYPE I, tubular glass vial & ampoule, glass cartridge, glass prefillable syringes.

This division has an annual turnover of around $30 million.



In 1999, we established our specialized factory designed for the production of lamp glass. The factory is outfitted for the handling of soda lime glass tubes, lead glass, lead free glass tubes and lamp & lantern glass cover/shade/shell/globe/chimney,etc.



In 2005, we expanded production to include glass cosmetic containers, glass kitchenware and tableware.



We developed and revealed our flat borosilicate 3.3 float glass sheet using our "micro-float" process.



We developed our glass ceramics products with a "pressed-extended" process.