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Blowing Glassware


Blowing Glassware

Product description


In our glassblowing division, our highly skilled workers manufacture high quality glass products for all sorts of different daily use applications.

•  Heat resistant glass tea pots, tea cups, tea mugs, tea glasses, tea infuser, tea saucers, and tea accessories

• Heat resistant glass water kettles

•  Heat resistant glass French press coffee makers and glass coffee servers

•  Heat resistant double wall glass cups

•  Heat resistant glass baby bottles

•  Pyrex Glass Lamp/lantern/lighting/lamplight shell/shade/chimney/globe, Glass Hurrican lamp chimney, Glass oil/kerosine lamp chimney

• Heat resistant glass sport, outdoor and travel water bottles

• Heat resistant glass food storage jars/containers

• Heat resistant food storage glass containers</p>

Heat Resistant Pyrex Glass tobacco bongs, glass water pipes, glass pipes, glass bubblers, glass ashcatchers, glass hookah &amp; Shisha, glass smoking accessories, glass oil rigs, glass dab rigs and concentrate pipes, &nbsp;vapor rigs, dab rigs and vapor bong, glass recyclers, glass hand pipes, heady glass, glass heady bong, glass recycler rigs, glass recycler vapor rigs, glass recycler dab rigs, glass recycler oil rigs, glass spoon pipes, glass animal pipes, glass gandalf pipes, glass chillums, glass percs, glass honycomb, glass sherlock pipes, glass steamrollers pipe, glass animal pipe, glass heady pipe

We also do lots of custom glassware designed by our customers.


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