Glass Kitchenware & Tableware






We operate two production divisions for glass kitchenware and tableware with one manufacturing heat resistant borosilicate glass consumer products and another that produces soda lime glass consumer products in order to meet all of the glass demands of our customers.

In our borosilicate glass production division, we produce both glassblown hollow containers and molded/pressed glassware. This workshop is staffed by around 50 highly experienced glassblowers and over 80 people that are trained in the operation of molding/pressing equipment for borosilicate glass.

•  Heat resistant borosilicate glass tea pots, tea cups, tea mugs, tea glasses, tea infusers, tea saucers, tea accessories, tea sets, hot tea maker

• Heat resistant borosilicate glass water kettles

•  Heat resistant borosilicate glass French press coffee maker, glass coffee servers

•  Double wall borosilicate glass cups

•  Borosilicate glass baby feeding bottles and teat/nipple, glass baby bottles, glass bottle feeding

•  Heat resistant borosilicate glass lamp/lantern/lighting/lamplight shell/shade/chimney/globe, glass hurrican lamp chimney, glass oil/kerosine lamp chimney

•  Borosilicate glass sport, outdoor and travel water bottles

•  Borosilicate food storage glass jar/container, food preservation glass containers

•  Borosilicate glass mixing bowls, measuring cups

•Heat resistant Pyrex round, oblong, square and rectangular glass baking dishes/casserole bakeware , Glass Bakeware, Glass Bake   Serve Set, Glass Bake sets, Glass Ovenware, Glass Oven Sets with microwave free, oven free, dishwasher free, BPA free, freezer free.

•Heat resistant Pyrex glass egg coddler, glass egg boiler cooker

Soda lime glassware

• Glass bottles for condiments and spices, salt & pepper glass shaker, cruet/spice glass bottle, oil & vinegar glass bottle

• Glass cup, Glass Tumbler Set, Tall Shot Glasses, Stemless Wine Glass Set, Glass Drinking Jar, Glass Drinkware, Red Wine Glass Set, Stemless Champagne Glass Set and Flutes, Tequila Shooter Glass, Beer Glasses, Cocktail Glasses, Whiskey Glass, Highball Glass, Shot Glass,

• glass plate set, Glass Pitcher, Glass Growler, Dessert Glass

• Glass containers for foods, preserves, granny's apple sauce, Uncle Bob's BBQ sauce, condiments, Aunt Lupita's salsa, peaches, pears, jams, jellies, wax, beverages, pizza sauce, relish, pickles, olives ... well, just about anything that needs a container.

• Glass Containers for nutrition supplement, pharmaceutical, food beverage, paint ink, chemical industry, art supply, glass drop per,

spices, jams jellies,candles,food storage, honey,janitoral, sauces syrup, dairy, vitamin glass bottles

• sauce/syrup bottle, French square bottle, glass jugs, glass Boston rounds,corked glass bottles, glass packer

bottles,European drop per bottles,jugs and beverage glass bottles, roll on bottles,spanish recycled glass , swing top bottles, candle glass jars

• mason jars, hex/hexagon glass jars, paragon glass jars, Straight-sided glass jars,faceted glass jars,gallon glass, jars, heavy base glass jars, oval hexagon jars,victorian square jars

• These glass jars are suitable for a variety of applications from creams and lotions to candles and jellies. Our heavy wall glass jars are great for cosmetic type products from cream perfumes, face creams, lip balms and more

We also do custom glassware designed by our customers.