Borosilicate Glass Tubing & Rod

We are China's leading manufacturer of borosilicate 3.3 clear and colored glass tubes and rods thanks to years of experience and outstanding output capabilities. We produce glass tubes and rods in a variety of diameters and lengths for a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical, electronics and industrial operations. 


Borosilicate glass is an all-purpose material for chemical applications for pipelines and laboratory uses thanks to its chemical and thermal resistance. It is widely used in architecture for external and interior designs, art and design, lighting concept (halogen lamp, flash lamp, UV lamp), gauge glass,laboratory glass, drain (drainline) and vent pipe, photobioreactors (PBR algae production),pneumatic conveying system.

We produce our borosilicate glass using electric furnaces with 15 glass drawing lines, allowing us to make clear and colored glass tubing and rods in round, square, rectangular, hexagonal and triangular profiles. We have a yearly production capacity of over 30,000 tons. 


Borosilicate Glass in Laboratory Applications

• Highly resistant to thermal shock

• Resistant to water, strong acids, alkali and saline solutions

• Complies with major standards (e.g. DIN ISO 3585 and ASTM E438 Type I, Class A)

• Established brand for glassblowing items in the laboratory sector




Borosilicate glass for Lighting

• Especially low thermal expansion, high resistance to thermal shock and high chemical resistance make it optimally suited for use in adverse conditions

• High optical and cosmetic qualities, no unwanted reflections or refractions

• Tight geometric tolerances allow for stable manufacturing processes and easy assembly

• Can be tempered upon request

Borosilicate glass for Engineered Systems and Plants

• A wide range of dimensions and variable lengths helps to reduce and/or eliminate the need for subsequent dilation or part assembly

• High geometrical accuracy and excellent optical properties allow easy assembly, high functionality in service and low levels of maintenance

• Exceptionally corrosion resistant, chemically inert and will not burn

• Longstanding glass know-how for engineered systems and plants (heat exchangers, ozone generators, chemical plant engineering)