Borosilicate Glass Sheet

In 2006, we developed a "micro float" process for producing borosilicate glass sheet. Over the years we have made steady improvements in glass warping, waviness, and optical quality. Very few companies (Corning's 7740 Pyrex) are capable of producing this type of high quality glass. Our tempered glass is used in the production of major manufacturers, including Saint Gobain, Electrolux, Panasonic and Dimplex.    













Typical characteristics

  • A particularly low coefficient of thermal expansion for working with high fluctuations in temperature, a heat-resistant glass that was clear, scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

  • Exceptionally high transparency, optical applications in research and industry, unique light transmission over a wide spectrum, high-precision specialty glass lenses, excellent light transmission in the visible wavelength range, high transparency in IR and UV ranges

  • High chemical stability, high resistance to water, high precision bio-chips.

  • Higher mechanical strength with lightweight surface coating using plasma and ion irradiation processes

  • DNA sequencers, highly sensitive measuring instruments in medical and analytical technologies, outstanding hydrolytic stability

  •  Temperature resistant and transparent, ideal for oven doors



  • High-performance lamps

  • Cinema projectors

  • Inspection panels for chemical reactors

  •  High precision components for optics, photonics and opto-electronics

  •  The best glass for microfluidic products

  •  Sight and gauge glasses for vessels and instrumentation

  •  Support material for wafer polishing

  •  Support material for microscopy

  •  Glazing for iron and steel plants

  •  Trays for distillation columns

  •  Oven baking trays

  •  Lamp covers

  •  Glazing for home fireplaces

  •  Microwave oven trays

  •  Substrates for electronic applications

  •  Substrates for microscopy and measuring scales

  •  Chemical reactor trays

  •  Substrate glass for electronics

  •  Substrate glass for optical filters

  •  Substrate glass for coatings

  •  Substrate glass for sensors

  •  Substrate glass for genetic analysis