Glass Ceramic

Our glass ceramic products are transparent, with a slight yellow tint. These outstanding pieces of glassware are extremely heat resistant, sturdy and demonstrate extremely low thermal expansion. The ceramic glass can withstand temperatures between 1200-1400 degrees Celsius. It can be produced in various shapes and sizes and is widely used on stoves and oven panels. In addition to common household uses, ceramic glass is also used for aerospace applications such as missile nose cones. 


Some applications for this glass include

• High temperature vision windows

• Chemical processing glass

• Commercial ovens

• Architectural uses

• Outdoor lighting

• Wood burner stoves,Mulyi fuel stoves, Pellet Stove and Coal Stove Windows

• Wood and gas fireplace doors

• High-intensity light covers

• Furnace observation windows

• Barbecue grill windows

• Grill covers and trivets

Our opaque black color glass-ceramic is used on electric induction (electromagnetic induction) stove cooktops.

The quality of our glass-ceramic shall be very similar with Pyroceram, Ceran, Eurokera, Zerodur, Macor, Kanger, Firelite, Neoceram fire rated, Keralite, Sitall...