Pharmaceutical Glass Package

HonHai Group is a leading partner of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in China. We believe that we can help contribute to the wellbeing of people with our specialty glass products. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes pharmaceutical glass packages and products for the safe and simple administration of medicine. These include insulin pens, inhalers, glass syringes, injection vials, ampoules, bottles and other containers. We have the ability to provide closure and safety systems as well.

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In our pharmaceutical glass packaging division, we produce a wide range of glass containers

•  Flint/clear and amber neutral pharmaceutical borosilicate glass tube USP Type I COE 5.0 & COE 7.0. ( quality similar to Nipro )

•  Flint/clear and amber tubular glass vial USP Type I for antibiotics pharmaceutical vials, injection vials, lyophilization vials, tablet vials, large OD vials, sampler vials, onion skin vials, diagnostic vials, screw thread vials, screw thread tubes, chromatography vials

•  Flint/clear and amber tubular glass ampoule USP Type I

Filling capacities range from 1 to 30 ml

Straight stem, funnel type and closed ampoules (ISO types B, C and D as well as customized special shapes)

Various break systems such as OPC (One Point Cut), CBR (Color Break Ring) and SCR (Score Ring) with optimized opening forces

Up to three color coded identification rings or customized ceramic printing with heavy metal-free inks

Optimized designs for lyophilization

•  Flint/clear and amber molded injection glass vial, bottle USP Type I, II, III

Borosilicate glass vial and bottle, Soda-silicate glass vial and bottles, Syrup glass bottles, Light glass bottles, syrup special glass bottles, syrup with filling mark glass bottles, Euro-med glass bottles, EHV glass bottles, Veral glass bottles, Combi glass bottles, Shaped glass bottles, Meplat glass bottles, oval glass bottles, Montana glass bottles, drop per glass bottles, Allround glass bottles, standard and special drop per glass bottles, Tablet glass bottles,  Screw-thread glass bottles, impact neck finish glass bottles, Interpharma glass bottles, Wide-mouth glass jars with Screw-threads, Cream glass pots, Injection glass bottles, Infusion glass bottles, Transfusion glass bottles, Chemical/ Technical glass bottles, Moulded Serum glass Bottle, Wide Mouth glass Packer, Narrow Mouth IV glass bottles, Boston Round glass bottles, Peroxide glass Bottle, Screw Neck Blake glass bottles, Shelf Line S/N Blake glass bottles, Iodine glass Bottles, Science glass Bottles, Animal Health glass bottles, Type I / Infusion glass bottles (Saline), Type I glass bottles, Type III glass bottles

•  Flint/clear and amber molded intravenous infusion glass bottles

Flint/clear and amber glass cartridge, glass pen cartridge, glass dental cartridge

Sizes from 1.5 to 3.0 ml, larger sizes up to 10.0 ml on request

Customized ceramic printing with heavy metal-free inks

Packaging options: PP box, tray, shrink wrap

•  Glass prefillable syringe

•  perfume, cosmetic, dental care, and essential oil glass containers

•  Blood collection tube

•  Glass drop per, syrup glass bottle

•  Butyl rubber stopper

•  Aluminum plastic cap